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Finding the right person
Some key characteristics of corporate executives distinguish them from departmental level managers
  • Their interest is in things that affect the entire company.
    They are concerned with the company's ability to produce what the market wants.
  • They are concerned with the company as a whole.
  • They focus on the medium to long term.

Business Fit
The business fit matches how our service fits the issues and needs of the target company. Prepare to show how GroveSite brings value to the company. The power of the business fit is enhanced when you are able to illustrate how GroveSite can bring value through anecdotes and examples from the prospect's environment.

The most powerful business fit messages incorporate thoughts, emotion and value.

Logistical issues to consider prior to providing a demonstration
  • Request a high-quality copy of the customer's logo.
  • If appropriate, prepare a handout or hard copy to leave behind.
  • If in person, schedule a conference room to:
    -create a sense of urgency
    -create an event
    -establish a decision-making environment
    -minimize interruptions
  • Reconfirm the date and time
  • Arrive eartly to set up the room in advance

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