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File Library: What's New?

GroveSite File Libraries: Document Management Made Easy

GroveSite's secure workspaces can include many powerful, easy-to-use collaborative tools; one of the most widely-used is the File Library.

Users have been able to upload any type of file to share with their teammates. The File Library has had a multi-file upload capability, document check-out/check-in, categories, file access history, and more. One favorite has been GroveSite's great thumbnails, which make it easy and quick to locate a file.

We are pleased to announce enhancements to the File Library. Here is What's New!

Updated Look, Views, Highlighting
Filtering and Multiple Sort Selection
Fast Display; Instant Refresh
Streamlined Check-Out / Check-In
Placement of Hidden Files

1. Updated Look

Picture Document Management and Document Sharing 650 x 472

Silver Header:  Notice the new silver header for the Category, View, Filename, Status, Owner, Updated and Size Columns.

Paging: Paging information is just above the header. Sometimes a page is set up to display all uploaded files. In other cases, an Administrator has selected to display fewer files.  Let's say your Administrator has set the page to display 25 files at a time. If the page has 70 files uploaded, it will say "Page 1 of 3 (70 items - 0 hidden)". You can click on page 2 or page 3 to view other files.
Views.  Users can still select a Summary View or an Expanded View.   The Summary View is shown above.   The Expanded View shows a larger thumbnail and displays the Notes field.  If all of the Notes are not visible, hover your cursor over the '...more' to see the rest.

2. Filtering and Multiple Sort
Picture Document Management - Filter By Status (4)

Filters:  Now you can filter the page to view a subset of files. Just click on any 'arrow' in the header columns to see filtering options. For example, if you filtered on Status, and selected 'Final', the display would change to show only the three documents with Final status. You can then filter on other columns to reduce the number of documents you are viewing.

When you set a filter, you'll see a 'breadcrumb' (just below the paging information) to help you keep track of the filters you have selected. To clear all filters, click the first item in the breadcrumb.

Multiple Sorts:  You can also choose multiple sorts. To sort by Status, then Category, hold down the SHIFT key and click Status, then Category.

3. Really Fast Display and Update

Speed!  Another upgrade you will appreciate is speed. The new File Library page displays VERY quickly.

Refresh in Place.  Adding to quickness, when you upload a new file, or edit its row, the page updates instantly, "in place," with the new information. You do not have to wait for the entire page to display again.

Color Highlighting.  You'll also notice that the file you just added or changed is highlighted in color, to help you find and review your change quickly.

4. Easier Check-Out / Check-In Process
Picture Document Management - check out pop-up (3)

Streamlined Check-Out / Check-In Process for Collaborative Writing.  Many teams must work together to draft documents, recommendations, final reports and so forth.   For many teams, especially those whose members are spread out and in different time zones, the easiest way to do this is sequentially.   GroveSite offers document check-out and check-in to help ensure that two people don't accidentally work on a version at the same time, then overwrite each others changes.

Previously, you needed to be the Owner of a document to see the [check out] link for a document.   That means that once one author was done, the next author had to be named as Owner or had to 'take ownership' to be able to check a document out.  This involved several steps.

Now, its a single step process.  If you are a Site Administrator or Moderator, you will see a [check out] link for every file.   If you are enrolled as a Participant in the site, you will only see a [check out] link if you are the Owner of the file.

Click here to see more detailed instructions on managing documents using check-out and check-in.

5. Placement of Hidden Files
Picture Document Management - Hidden Files (3)
Hidden Files.  You may have files or documents that you want to retain on GroveSite, but not make them available for view by your general site membership.   If you [edit] a file row, you'll see a "Hide" checkbox for this purpose.

When a file is hidden it does not appear in Expanded or Summary View.   However, Moderators or Site Administrators can access Hidden files by clicking [Turn on Edit].   Hidden files will be 'grayed out' and located at the bottom of the page.

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